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About us

Acumex is a young tech company with an experienced team. We believe technology will transform the world and how we work and do business. And that’s a good thing.


People spend too much time trying to do what computers actually do better. Technology is continuously pushing the boundaries for what computers can do. In Acumex we want to be at the forefront of this development, and we work with world leaders in their fields to achieve
what seems impossible today. Tomorrow it will be reality and the day after it will be the standard.

As Depeche Mode said in 1984, People are People, and actually people are really good at that. Working together, building relationships and partnerships. There should be more time for this and less time spent on pretending to be a computer. This is why we think, that more technology
used in the right way will actually allow us all to do what more of what people like and are good at.

We are a small company, but we believe in working in strong partnerships, which allow us to do much more than our size indicates. We are an international team and while we are based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and in Vilnius, Lithuania, we also operate out of Italy and our research partner, CWI, is in the Netherlands.

We are independent and have no affiliations with traders or the industries, they operate in. We are as concerned about privacy and security as our clients and develop our solutions to protect their data. After all, this is what good partners do.

You can meet the team and our partners on these pages, but by all means do reach out to us.

Behind the technology are real people and we would like to talk with you.

Company info

Acumex Services ApS

Peder Lykkes Vej 53, 1TV

DK-2300 Copenhagen S



Phone: (+45) 5383 3125

VAT: DK40018883

IBAN: DK9250240001492284

Auditor: KPMG P/S, Denmark

Important lnformation

The SDGs

We use the framework of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals to guide how we aim to contribute to achieving the overall goals by 2030. Some aspects like diversity we understand broadly. Gender is a key component of diversity, but diversity for us also covers nationalities, ethnicities, age, education, beliefs etc. The list is not exhaustive.

We realise that as a small company, we may not single-handedly be able to change the world. But that is the point. We do not work single-handedly. We believe in collaborative business models and through technology and partnerships we will be able to have an impact. Together we can make a change. We aim to make our technologies broadly available to support innovation and economic growth everywhere.

In the short run we focus on the goals in our span of control. How we grow our organization, organically and through partnerships, and how we develop and deploy technology. As we grow our ambitions will grow.

Below are the SDGs we are working towards.

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