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Negotiation technology helps you through the complexity towards your goals, just like a navigation system may guide you towards your destination.
But it does more than that...

If time was never in short supply we could probably all negotiate better deals, coordinate better internally, double-check data for errors etc. We could explore multiple possible outcomes of our negotiation space and decide, which one would be best.

But time is always the most limiting factor in business. There is never time enough and this leads to gaps between achieved results and optimal results.


Skill and experience can compensate for some of the gap, but some complexities are beyond what humans can reasonably grasp from a spreadsheet with hundreds or thousands of lines and dozens of columns. Even if we had plenty of time. Which we don't.

The Rational Assistant is an AI based negotiation technology. It analyses, coordinates and makes recommendations, so that both the most experienced purchaser and the newest recruit benefit from its guidance.

The Rational Assistant

The negotiation space can be visualized as a cube made up of the number of products, you are interested in, the number of suppliers, you are negotiating with, and the number of parameters or issues, you are negotiating.

NB: in all the examples here we see it from a purchaser's perspective, but a supplier will of course face a similar complexity, so the situation can be mirrored for suppliers too.

In real life, the availability of products can fluctuate, prices change, exchange rates fluctuate, bundles of products may favour discounts etc. Some suppliers may be very competitive on some product lines, but not so much on others. Some may be able to suggest better alternatives than requested.

In all these scenarios there is value to be found and on both sides of the table. If only you have time enough to explore the different options.

The Rational Assistant analyses the offers on the table in real-time and makes recommendations on where to modify bids to move towards the set goal. The information is available while negotiations are ongoing, so that action can be taken in time.

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The negotiation space

Out of the box

In more senses than one, we say that the Rational Assistant is an out of the box service.

Firstly, it is based on multiple algorithms, which do not rely on massive amounts of data to generate a model, which is the approach for AI models based on machine learning. The advantage is that the Rational Assistant works from the start and avoids long phases of data cleaning and model building.

Secondly, we work continuously to push the boundaries for the algorithms together with our scientific partners (read more about them under About). New capabilities, more performance and higher levels of autonmous operation.

The bigger picture

With the Rational Assistant you can leverage other investments, you have made (or plan making) in AI technology or Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to make data flow even more seamlessly and automatically.

The principle behind our technologies is, that your data is your data. The Rational Assistant is no different. All data remains in your control and the only data exchanged with other parties are requests and bids to the specified trading partners. There are no emails with data floating around. Performance does not come at the price of privacy.

As more and more companies use the technology the network created will open for higher levels of autonomous exploration of the negotiation space.

Reach out to us to talk more about the opportunities. You can also find more information under Resources.