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How to leverage the value hidden in the complexity of procurement

Life in procurement is full of complex dilemmas. Henry Ford knew what he was talking about, when he offered clients: "You can have any color, you like, as long as it's black". The impact and lessons learned from Covid-19 have not made life less complex. It is easier to work with only one supplier, but how do you keep prices competitive and how do you ensure resilience against supply shortages caused by force majeure events - like a pandemic. Furthermore, more suppliers offer more opportunities to obtain better prices as there are more ways to bundle products.



And what about the product range? Fewer variations (only black) in the SKUs will simplify procurement, but may negatively impact quality and innovation.



Short-tailing, cutting down on the number of suppliers, reducing frequency of negotiating, auctions are all simplifying strategies, which come with a trade-off in hidden costs, missed opportunities or both.


More suppliers, more products, more frequent negotiations give more opportunities and more complexity. Which direction should you go?

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Acumex' Rational Assistant AI-technology helps you leverage the complexity instead of trying to fight it. Strengthen supply resilience and explore opportunities for better product mixes from a larger choice of suppliers. Strengthen relationships with suppliers with 1 to 1 negotiations, even if you are a team of procurement people.

With advanced AI algorithms you can find the value hidden in complexity.

Unlocking value in procurement

In Acumex we develop software solutions to give procurement teams new tools to extract value from complexity. The Acumex Trade Management System (TMS) and the Rational Assistant (RA) can in progressive steps, which ensure organizational learning and full implementation, take you from spreadsheets all the way to advanced AI algorithms for negotiations. Where is this value and how do you get to it?

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The progression of steps 1 to 3 with our services ensure a step by step implementation and an easier learning process for the organization. The progressive implementation also ensures faster return on investment and makes it easier and less risky to progress to the next level. Step 4 mentioned below refers to a full digital transformation of your processes where Acumex' services will play a role.

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Explore further or reach out to us for a talk about your specific case

You can read more about both the TMS and the Rational Assistant under Services and also find useful guidance on how to get started (alternatively you may also contact us via the button below). You can find more information, deep dives, whitepapers etc. in our Resources section.

Find more information about the experienced team behind Acumex here - it is after all about people and relationships and see who our partners are, who help bring cutting edge technologies to you in a simple to learn and to use service. We aim to make the step from spreadsheets to our services as small and smooth as possible.

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We make resources available to inform and inspire. We aim to keep things as simple as possible. There is enough complexity in the world already. Eventhough we offer a small, specialized part of the overall digital transformation, we look at the bigger picture and are happy to share our thoughts about that. Apart from the resources available here on the website, we write regularly on Linkedin.

We also write blogs here on the website, where you can find more thinking on different topics relating to AI, digital transformation, procurement etc.

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