• Niklas Hall

Acumex CEO attends DEA 2018

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Acumex CEO, Niklas Hall, will be attending the Danish Entrepreneurship Awards 2018 in Fredericia on the 15th of November as a member of the jury for Mikrolegater (micro grants) awarded by the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship.

He says: "It is a huge inspiration and an energy boost to experience the creativity and drive of the many young entrepreneurs who participate in the Award show. Our future depends on the innovative power of the youth and whether they go on to found their own companies or join existing companies, they will have the drive and the abilities to change the world. If my experience as a business professional and a co-founder of a company can help just one future founder overcome some of the many hurdles for startups and make the next move forward, then it will all be worth it. In Acumex we believe strongly in the power of communities and one of the most vibrant and enthusiastic community, we know, is the community of entrepreneurs in startups. It is a great pleasure to give something back to the community. I look forward to a fantastic day with 7000+ young entrepreneurs, their teachers, advisors, jury members etc. and thank the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship for inviting me to join."


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