• Niklas Hall

Acumex joins GoGetty

We are happy to join GoGetty to support our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Acumex, who offers advanced trading technologies enabling digitization of the trading processes, has diversity and inclusion as a core value in the pursuit for growth and success, and has therefore joined GoGetty. "As a startup, we aim to grow in a gender-balanced way. We want to work with the best talents and we basically believe this is impossible to achieve by excluding any group of society, non more so than the large group of female talents across all fields. We aim to hire and develop diverse talents across all disciplines as well as in leadership positions. This is vital for our work culture and for the company to be able to go as far as we are convinced it can and will, and which is also why we have joined GoGetty," says CEO in Acumex, Niklas Hall. You can find Acumex' full diversity dashboard on both gender and ethnicity here and read Niklas Hall's inspiring post about how to strengthen diversity in companies and society as a whole.


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