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AI and the messy real world

A short story in which we discover, what we already know (but like to ignore) by going through an identity crisis and emerging with new insights and a path to make dreams come true. Really.

The dream of fame, fortune and return on investment

Commercials will have you think, that if only you drink this particular brand of enriched, sugary, fizzy water, then you too will lead a healthy, active and glamourous life. Everybody by now knows, that you do not magically transform into a famous actress by having what she is having. And yet, we do want exactly that, and commercials work.

The business world is obviously completely different. Driven by rational decisions, thorough analysis, cost/benefit calculations – the works. Of course, business executives are wise to seek inspiration and learn from some of the most successful companies in the world, so if Netflix did these 3 things to get to where they are, and Google did those 3 things, then it only makes sense to do the same.

Except for that silly little thing: the messy real world.

Finding your way through the messy real world

Just like emulating an actress doesn’t put you on the same trajectory in life, that she has had, emulating another company does not automatically put you on the same path to success. This is another way of saying, there is no magic bullet. There are no quick fixes. Even if you know how to assemble a puzzle, you still have to do it.

The apparently fail-proof recipes for success are very simplified descriptions of what happened. They worked in a certain context, with certain people and we only know that they worked because – they did. As any teacher will tell you, learning does not come from copying someone else’s assignment. It comes from doing the assignment yourself.

Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the men of old. Seek what they sought.

Matsuo Bashō

AI walk with me

In our work in Acumex we definitely want to be inspired by the best. We study the masters and aim to learn from them. We do however not seek to become them. We do not expect our clients to be Google or Netflix (well, except if you happen to be Google or Netflix, but then just give us a call). We expect all clients to walk their own path and do, what they do best. But we walk together. Our approach is to convert our knowledge and learning into usable technology, which step by step helps clients walk their own path and actually get to where, they want to be. The point here is, do not try to be the Über of this or the Airbnb of that. You be you.

Always be yourself. Unless you can be Batman. Then be Batman.

Internet meme

The glossy promises of artificial intelligence make many believe, that there is indeed a magic bullet or 3 simple things that can be done to make everything wonderful. But every company lives in its own messy real world and therefore needs to learn and adapt. Having a clear goal and strategy is necessary, but so is understanding that the path requires you to move step by step and that part of the journey will lead to difficulties with the messy real world. Some of the core steps in our technology consist of creating an operational path through the mess before applying any AI-technology. This is how we ensure, that the processes work and people understand what is going on before enhancing with AI-technologies. Consistently going forward in this manner consolidates learning and gives a better (faster and more likely) path towards return on investment.

And thus, even in the messy real world, dreams can come true. ⭐️

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