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ExpoPharm 2019

ExpoPharm 2018 in Munich

ExpoPharm 2019 is just around the corner and many people are facing some hectic days with negotiations, filling out lists, reading spreadsheets, trying to find the next contact person somewhere in the crowd etc. Fortunately there are also some social events and time to catch up with old contacts.

We have been present at the ExpoPharm for several years, but this year we will not go. While we will for sure miss catching up with old contacts, we are not out of reach. We are however busy taking digital trading to new levels. We have already made the part with spreadsheets and lists a thing of the past (leaving more time for the social events and building the personal relationships), but with added intelligence the tools become even more powerful. Incidently they also grow profitability.

We wish all participants at the ExpoPharm 2019 some great days with successful deals!

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