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We have started a series of one-pagers to help and inspire our clients and followers on the often difficult journey towards digital transformation. There is much hype and confusion, but there is also much value, if you know where to look.

Some things really are complex. We cannot make advanced mathematics less complex than they are, but we can try to share some different perspectives on, how you may think about these complex topics using simple ideas.

Why is that important?

When the ideas are clear it is easier to combine them to a strategy and to decide on how to execute them. It becomes easier to see WHY you should undertake a journey towards digital transformation and what exactly YOUR journey should be.

All too often we see companies struggle with different pitfalls on their journey.

Many of the problems can be attributed to not having a clear picture of the objectives, the potential and limitations of technologies (both old and new), the impact on the organization and its processes.

A Formula1 car can drive really fast, but only if the driver knows, what she is doing, if there is a competent team to run the pitstops and another competent team to tune the car, analyze the results and make adjustments. All of this comes together under a leadership with a clear vision and an understanding of how the things should work together.

Digital transformation and AI-technologies are quite similar. We do not all need to be (and cannot be) experts on AI. It is however necessary to understand its potential and limitations and to see, how this fits with a specific organization and its processes.

In Acumex we develop technology to make it simple for you to access specialized functionality in trading and negotiations. This is a part of a bigger picture and we want to help you see, where this functionality may help you on your specific digital transformation journey.

The "Simple ideas about..." one-pagers are designed to give you inspiration and insights at a glance. Follow us on Linkedin or Facebook to stay updated on new releases.

Access the one-pagers here.

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