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The implications of words

The other day my co-founder and CTO, Flavio Gaier, and I were reflecting on, how much Acumex had changed since we started this project. Through series of setbacks and successes we have modified and adapted virtually everything. This is almost a given for early stage startups.

What is perhaps more interesting is, what hasn’t changed.

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Going back to the roots, the name ACUMEX is derived by combining ACUMEN and EXCHANGE. If you look up “acumen” in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary you will find synonyms like intelligence, clear-sightedness and keenness. In the same dictionary you will find that “exchange” can be both a place, where things or services are exchanged, and the act of exchanging something.

Words matter and they have implications

We develop software that allows the intelligent exchange of products or services. It is literally an exchange. But it is more than that. Our services embody the combined acumen of ourselves and all our partners.

We are keen to work in partnerships, because that is a powerful way to exchange ideas and know-how and through that process to develop even smarter solutions. Through partnerships both small and large companies can tap into resources, which are not available inside their own organizations. For us it simply makes it possible to punch above our weight class.

On a high level, partnerships are between companies. But really it is about people. We find that the more we want to push the envelope in technology, the more it involves the close collaboration between people. Trust and open minds are essential. Whether we work with clients or with research and technology partners it is the same. Together we can create amazing things.

Our partnership with Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica in the Netherlands is a great example of this thinking. Together with the world class researchers of CWI, we bring new advances in negotiation technology to our clients and then we shape the technology together with our clients to make the currently impossible possible.

A completely natural extension of this thinking is our view on diversity. We think it is an example of clear-sightedness to realize, that the bigger the pool of talent, the more talent you will be able to find. On top of that diversity adds new thinking and new organizational dynamics, which are all part of changing the world. To underline the importance of this for Acumex, we recently partnered with GoGetty to keep us on track with our commitment.

What is in a word?

I once learned from Jan Molin, Dean of Education at Copenhagen Business School, that (my translation) “Many things must change for everything to remain the same”. The implications of that sentence go further, than I will cover here, but it leads me to this point.

In Acumex we do not simply want to respond to change, we want to drive it. We work with state of the art AI technology, we transform business processes and many things will change on the way – even Acumex.

What will not change is our commitment to people, to collaboration, to partnerships and to diversity because when some things remain the same, we can change the rest.

And you have my word on that.


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