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Why do we engage in research?

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We are very happy to learn that our scientific partner at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica, Tim Baarslag, has received the NWO-Vidi grant for research in AI for procurement negotiation. Read the full story here.

But why does Acumex engage in research?

For some research is seen as the entry point of a very long pipeline moving towards an application in real life. In pharmaceuticals for instance it can take 10 years from discovery to approved drug.

New methods and new technologies will shorten the pipeline. We have seen this with mRNA in vaccines and it is also the case with AI. They allow fast feedback loops of learning, which drive both research and application forwards in shorter time cycles.

For Acumex it is about working both on the cutting edge of our technologies and on developing real-life, easy to use, applications in a continuous loop. Bridging buyers and sellers in better ways comes from bridging science and application. It, so to speak, all comes together.

We are delighted to have Tim Baarslag with us on this exciting journey and happy to see that his scientific achievements and visions are recognized by this grant.

Congratulations! 👏

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