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Trade Management System

Introduction offer


For 6 months corresponding to 250€/month

After 6 months you can decide to stop using the TMS with no further obligations. If you decide to continue, you can either continue with TMS Light, if you only trade a few products and have limited needs, or go for the TMS Standard, which handles larger product portfolios and offers more functionality. If you are interested in expanding with AI capabilities then you should switch to the AxNode solution, which is AI ready. The AxNode technology is AI-ready, but also offers other advantages for advanced users, so even if you are not currently contemplating AI, the AxNode technology may be right for you.

TMS Light


For limited use (up to 100 product lines)

TMS Standard


The regular version for larger portfolios and more frequent trading.

AxNode (possibility for Rational Assistant)

TMA Light

Early partnership offer

We offer a limited number of partnerships for early companies in different industries, who are interested in the co-development of the RA-technology. The early partnerships offer tailor made advantages. If this could be interesting for you, then reach out to us to discuss further.



The subscription for AxNode does not include the RA-technology. If RA is included in the package, then the price of RA will include the AxNode subscription. If you are interested in RA-technology then see the box above about early partnerships.

As the name, AxNode, implies this service allows you to run your trading from an individual node in the trading network. This means, that you can host the service in your own cloud-environment in Azure.

General notes

Subscribing buyers can open tenders towards both subscribing and non-subscribing sellers. Non-subscribing sellers can bid on these tenders for free. Sellers can subscribe to the plans to get more capabilities and higher performance. Different market types have different needs and the TMS and RA functionality may be adapted to cater to these needs. The price plans reflect the capabilities offered, not the specific functionalities.

The introduction plan is available to new clients for the first 6 months.

Yearly prepayments are given a 20% discount.

All prices are without VAT. Terms & Conditions apply.

Prices valid per 1 January 2020 until further notice.