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We value your trust and your privacy. Our Privacy Policy is our commitment to protect and preserve both.


It is very important to ACUMEX SERVICES that you feel safe in using ACUMEX SERVICES’s services. To this end, it is important that you understand what information ACUMEX SERVICES collects when you use the Company Services and what ACUMEX SERVICES may do with that information. Therefore, ACUMEX SERVICES has a clear and fair privacy policy ("Privacy Policy").

By using ACUMEX SERVICES’s websites ( and, the software provided via the site and connected services (jointly the "Company Services"), you are consenting to entering into a binding contract with Acumex Services ApS, (Danish company reg. no. 40018883), a Danish limited company having its registered offices in Denmark ("ACUMEX SERVICES"). The agreement includes this Privacy Policy and ACUMEX SERVICES’s Terms & Conditions.

Changes to policy.

ACUMEX SERVICES may, at its sole discretion, make changes to the Privacy Policy. If any such changes are considered material by ACUMEX SERVICES, you will be notified of such changes via the Company Services. By continuing to use the Company Services after such changes are made, you are expressing and acknowledging your acceptance of the changes.

Information collected and processed.

ACUMEX SERVICES collects and processes the following types of information via your use of the Company Services:

(i) Personal information that you enter into the Company Services or otherwise provide to ACUMEX SERVICES. This can for example be your name, business e-mail, phone number, etc. The exact nature of information required for ACUMEX SERVICES to be able to provide Company Services are described in Appendix 1 in this Policy. You can always see, which information ACUMEX SERVICES has recorded in relation to you in the "My Company" page under "Administration" when you are logged onto the ACUMEX SERVICES Services on

(ii) Information about use of the Company Services. This can for example be your trading frequency, number of transactions made, time of trading, trading partners and transactional data such as prices and quantities.

​​The mentioned information will generally be stored for five (5) years or as prescribed by applicable law. If the information is relevant or necessary for purposes of your ongoing use of the Company Services, the information will generally be stored for five (5) years after your last use of the Services. No later than at the end of the said period, ACUMEX SERVICES will delete or make your information anonymous. ACUMEX SERVICES will also do so at an earlier time if ACUMEX SERVICES deems that retaining the information in a non-anonymous form no longer complies with the purpose(s) for which it was collected.

​ACUMEX SERVICES will not collect information revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, genetic data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person, data concerning health or data concerning a natural person's sex life or sexual orientation, and ACUMEX SERVICES does not provide data entry points to collect such information. Should you choose to enter such information into the Company Services in other ways, then ACUMEX SERVICES will not make use of or transfer such information.


ACUMEX SERVICES may use "cookies" to store data on your computer or mobile device. A cookie is a small text-file that many websites and online services use to identify your computer or device. We may also link information stored on your computer/mobile device in cookies with data stored on our servers. If you set up your web browser or device so that cookies are not allowed or if you reject to accept cookies when asked via the Company Services, you might not be able to use some or all of the features of the Company Services.

​​​ACUMEX SERVICES uses Google Analytics on to collect and analyze information, which enables us to understand how you use these Services and enhance your experience whilst on it. You can read about how Google uses this data here.

If you wish to opt-out from Google Analytics you can do so here Opt Out of GA.


If you wish to opt-in to Google Analytics you can do so here Opt In on GA.

Purpose of collecting information.

The purpose of collecting the above mentioned information is (i) to identify you as the user, (ii) to optimize the Company Services, (iii) to provide better service to you as a user, (iv) to abide applicable law and regulations, (v) to enforce the agreement between you and ACUMEX SERVICES, (vi) to protect the rights, safety and property of ACUMEX SERVICES, the users, others, and (vii) to create statistics, reports and conduct generic data mining.

ACUMEX SERVICES will not use your information for direct marketing purposes unless you have actively accepted that ACUMEX SERVICES uses the information for marketing purposes.

Privacy by design and default.

The Company Services are designed to protect your information by default. Information required to be shared in order to establish relationships or undertake trading is only shared when you decide to activate the link. The system thus gives you control over who you share data with. A minimum of information is available to make it possible to find trading partners.

In Appendix 1 you can see which information is collected and how it is shared under which conditions.

Your rights. You have all the rights afforded to you under the law, including:

  1. Insight. You are entitled to be informed of what personal information ACUMEX SERVICES collects in relation to you as well as access to such information. However, access to the information may be limited due to other persons' privacy rights and due to confidentiality concerning intellectual property rights (including trade secrets).

  2. Correction. You are entitled to demand amendments or deletion of personal in-formation pertaining to you that is gathered by ACUMEX SERVICES and found to be incorrect or misleading.

  3. Objection. You can object to ACUMEX SERVICES’s gathering personal information pertaining to you and you can withdraw your consent pursuant to this Policy if consent is the basis for the collection and processing.

  4. Deletion. You can demand that your personal information is deleted without undue delay if the purpose for which the information is being processed is no longer legal or appropriate.

  5. Objection to transfer. You are entitled to object against your personal information being transferred to third parties.

  6. Receipt and transmission. You are entitled to receive your personal information in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and have the right to transmit that information to another controller. If technically feasible, you can ask that the personal information be transferred directly to another data controller.

  7. Compensation. You are entitled to be compensated for damages or losses caused due to violation of applicable law, in particular of EU Regulation no. 679/2016.

You can make use of your rights by writing ACUMEX SERVICES at the below address. However, use of the Company Services and provision of information to ACUMEX SERVICES is voluntary, if you object to ACUMEX SERVICES gathering information on you or demand deletion of all or substantially all information on you, ACUMEX SERVICES might not be able to, or might refuse to, continue providing the Company Services to you.

You should also be aware that correct information stored as part of a transaction (e.g. your name) cannot be deleted as it forms an integrated part of the transaction and needs to be stored for 5 years for regulatory and compliance reasons.

Information system manager.

ACUMEX SERVICES is the information system manager and it is ACUMEX SERVICES who collects and stores information. ACUMEX SERVICES is also responsible for answering any questions that you might have in connection with the collection, storing, processing, or use of information relating to you. ACUMEX SERVICES’s address is:

Acumex Services ApS
Peder Lykkes Vej 53, 1TV
DK-2300 Copenhagen S


Transfer of information.

If and before ACUMEX SERVICES transfers any information pertaining to you outside of the EU/EEA, ACUMEX SERVICES will check whether you have asked that your information not be transferred. ACUMEX SERVICES will also ensure that necessary safety requirements are in place for such transfers and that it is performed in compliance with applicable law.

Security measures in protecting the information.

ACUMEX SERVICES provides physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to protect information that ACUMEX SERVICES collects and processes. Only trusted employees and contractors of ACUMEX SERVICES will have access to the gathered information. You are required to create a username and password to access your online account and will be asked to logon with password every time you use Company Services. For security reasons the Company Services will automatically log you out after a period of inactivity.

Legal Basis.

Your personal information is collected, stored and processed pursuant to

EU Regulation 2016/679 article 6, meaning that the legal basis for the information processing is (a) your express consent and (b) the necessity for fulfillment of our mutual contractual obligations.


Apart from complaining directly to ACUMEX SERVICES at the above address, you are also entitled to complain to the Danish Data Protection Agency ("Datatilsynet"). You can do so via the following link or you can write the agency at:


Borgergade 28, 5.

1300 Copenhagen K


If you are residing or working in another EU member state or believe that a violation of your rights has taken place outside of Denmark, you may also file complaint with the local data protection agency at such place.

Notice to persons outside of Denmark. ACUMEX SERVICES’s operations are located exclusively inside the EU and the EEA. If you provide information to us, the information may be transferred out of your country to another country inside the EU/EEA. No information is stored outside the EU/EEA. By providing personal information to us, you are consenting to its storage and use as described herein.



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