Get started with TMS Pharma

Thank you for considering to sign-up for the Acumex TMS Pharma. You can start the registration process by clicking the Register button below, but before you do, here are some things we would like you to know.

Who is it for?

The TMS Pharma is designed for trading pharmaceuticals. It is only for licensed traders and currently only inside the EU/EFTA region. We will therefore ask you to provide a copy of your WDA and/or GDP license. All trading companies are assumed to adhere to the European Union guidelines for GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and the Falsified Medicines Directive. Terms & Conditions apply, which you can read here.


What do we ask for?

We will ask you for a short product list (excel or pdf format will be fine) with some of the products you are trading. No prices or quantities required. This will get you started on the TMS Pharma and you can always update the products later.


Not in pharma or in the EU/EFTA?

If you are trading with other products than pharmaceuticals or are trading outside the EU/EFTA region, then we suggest you contact us by clicking the Contact us button below.


You can find the pricing schemes by selecting the Pricing button below. For new subscribers there is a 6-month Starter Plan, which offers 50% discount to the standard subscription. This is to make the start easier. The pricing is per company and thus includes the number of users required for the operation of the TMS.