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We use technology to help you reach your goals. It is a means to an end. We use it to enhance your capabilities and free up time from tedious, repetitive tasks. Technology helps you do more, go further, dive deeper and reach higher.

We do not only rely on technology. Before we apply technology we analyse and optimize the processes, which the technology is to support. Applying technology to bad processes wil only make things worse. This is why you may find that some things work a little differently from what you are used to. This is the way to achieve new and better results.

Our solutions use advanced technology to improve and transform the classic disciplines of ordering, making offers and negotiating in trade and procurement.

Select "How to get started" to get an overall overview of the possibilities" and then dive into the details for "Trade Management System" or "Rational Assistant" as you please.

The Trade Management System (TMS) adds new capabilities to traditional ERP systems. If you are used to trading in spreadsheets and emails, then the TMS will give significant increase in efficiency for both buyers and sellers. In its simplest form, sellers can make bids on tenders even without subscribing to the TMS. In its most advanced form, the TMS handles all the complexities of trading large product portfolios with multiple parties simultaneously.

The Rational Assistant (RA) leverages the TMS to add new capabilities to manage complex trading or procurement. This is truly transformative technology based on artificial intelligence (AI), which goes beyond robotic automatization of processes.