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How do you create more value from your trading?

The pressure is always up to get more value from your trading. That is true whether you are on the buying side or the selling side. There are so many factors to consider before you can make a deal with a supplier, let alone several suppliers. And now there is a call for more robust supply chains with even more suppliers. Complexity is increasing and this before we consider growing regulatory requirements and what about sustainability?

Let's just say, that life in procurement is getting increasingly hard. Perhaps ironically, this does not make life in sales easier as the pressure on procurement is pushed out in the world.

In Acumex we want to make life a little easier for both buyers and sellers and at the same time help both parties gain more value. Complexity and inefficiencies, which is often just referred to as "the cost of doing business", lock value on both sides of the deal. To unlock this value requires technology and collaboration. Our services are developed to build the digital bridge to deal with both inefficiencies and complexity and unlock value for you.

The Trade Management System

The Trade Management System (TMS) is a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution where buyers and sellers can negotiate and trade deals with multiple trading partners in real time. This makes it suitable for trading products, which several parties can offer (such as commodities). It helps teams keep a better overview of the deals as they proceed and thus avoids siloed information. The possibility to negotiate deals in the system makes it possible to apply the collaborative approach working with your suppliers . For many, this means that tedious work with overloaded spreadsheets can be avoided.

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AxNode and the Rational Assistant

For users with more advanced needs it is possible to use the technology in a private cloud environment called AxNode. This technology also offers the option to apply our artificial intelligence technology called Rational Assistant. The Rational Assistant guides through complex negotiations in a way, that can be compared with how a GPS helps you find your way while driving.The RA technology is currently being offered in a limited number of partnerships. If you wonder if this might be something for you, reach out to us, so that we can evaluate your case together. 

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The TMS offers a simple and cost effective way to upgrade trading and negotiatons from email and spreadsheets thus avoiding loss of data integrity and time consuming processing. The TMS is accessed via web and does not rquire installation of any software and follows a simple subscription model.

The Rational Assistant offers access to advanced AI technology without the need to go through lengthy processes of data cleaning. It is a technology, which is under continuous development and will thus grow more and more performant. This happens while the technology is in use, which leads to a faster return on investment, than many other customized AI technologies. Read more about return on investment under Insights (use the button to the right).

We work with Microsoft technology and have partnered with CWI (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica) in the Netherlands for scientific research.

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We make resources available to inform and inspire. We aim to keep things as simple as possible. There is enough complexity in the world already. Eventhough we offer a small, specialized part of the overall digital transformation, we look at the bigger picture and are happy to share our thoughts about that. Apart from the resources available here on the website, we also write regularly on Linkedin, som we suggest the you follow us there (follow the link from the linkedin logo in the footer).

We also write blogs here on the website, where you can also find more thinking on different topics relating to AI, digital transformation, procurement etc.

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