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Trade Management System

If you look at it quite simply, the more efficiently you trade and the better you leverage the know-how of your team and the relationships with your trading partners, the more value you can generate. The net effect is better deals at lower total transaction costs. It may be expressed by the simple equation below:

So, if you can increase efficiency and improve collaboration, then you can grow the value of the trade. As is often the case, this is not as easy as it sounds. Many of the costs are hidden, tied in bad processes, siloed knowledge, data in the wrong place, lack of time etc. If you find that much of your trading happens with spreadsheets and emails, then you will probably recognize, what we are talking about. How many of your total transaction costs are locked in structure and processes? 20%? 30%?

The Acumex Trade Management System (TMS) helps you unlock the value hidden in inefficient processes and bring out the value of improved collaboration. You can read more about how it does that and how it may help you here:

Rational Assistant

The value generating model described above can be enhanced significantly with the addition of AI. In this case we are talking about AI to support negotiations. Why negotiations? Negotiations are a vital part of the collaborative trading with trusted partners and help bring out value based on mutual interests. The specialised AI thus strengthens the Collaboration part significantly and augments the value of the trading.

The Acumex Rational Assistant (RA) is an AI-based co-driver on your team. Just like a driver and her co-driver learn from each other and improve their skills through working together, your team and the RA enter a learning loop, where both parties improve. The Rational Assistant provides recommendations based on the current situation and where you want to go.This constant learning, means that the service keeps evolving, thereby adding new capabilities to your trading and your team.

The Rational Assistant takes your trading capabilities even further. It is particularly useful for companies with frequently repeated trading patterns with high complexity in terms of number of products and parameters to be negotiated. It is currently only avaialble to a limited number of clients, but please get in touch if you would like to learn more. You can read more about the Rational Assistant here:





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