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Helping companies create more value together

Negotiation-as-a-Service technology

Companies trade with each other. People negotiate the deals.
They do it even better with state of the art negotiation technology.

In principle it is as simple as shown to the right. A buyer and a seller interact to negotiate prices and deliverables.


In reality the situation is often more complex.


It can for instance look like on the left, below, where a single buyer deals with multiple sellers or it could be the situation to its right, where a team of buyers split a larger group of sellers amongst them. Needless to say, that sellers face similar challenges with multiple buyers. And most companies both buy and sell.


A buyer deals with multiple sellers simultaneously



A team of buyers deal with multiple sellers simultaneously

Complexity ties down value

The complexity of this situation can in itself be quite significant. It is further complicated by large product portfolios, frequent negotiations handled in spreadsheets and emails and maybe even more issues to negotiate than just the price. This is more than just frustrating - it erodes value on both sides of the deal. Value that can be turned into profits.

Unlocking value with negotiation technology

On these pages you can read more about how our Negotiation Management tool and our Rational Assistant (artificial intelligence for negotiations) can help you generate more profits. It may be both easier and more powerful than you think, especially if topics like the following are on your mind:

  • improved profitability

  • resilience towards change

  • data quality

  • simpler processes

  • AI supported decisions

  • easy to use

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If you would like to learn some more you can read about our services here on these pages. Check out our blogs and resource pages for both general and specific topics. You can read about us and our partners and how we together push the frontiers of AI for negotiations even further. 

Even better, we invite you to have a talk with us, so that we together can assess how we best can help you take the next step and you can get answers to any questions you may have.


Apart from our blog (see below), we share our thinking on social media (especially linkedin) and we write different forms of documents, which we hope can help and inspire your journey with AI, digital transformation and negotiation technology.

Many technologies and processes are complex as they are. We aim to break them down in simple terms to make them useful and valuable for you. We hope you will enjoy reading the material and please reach out to us with any questions you may have.

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