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Good business relies on relationships and negotiations with partners,
but - let's face it - also comes with a cost of complexity and friction.

When we remove friction and deal with complexity - business profits.

When we negotiate in business, the best path to pursue is generally to seek to make the cake bigger for both parties, a so-called win-win solution. Good negotiations seek to explore a path, which unlocks value on both sides and the negotiation is then about the distribution of the value.

Win-win is important in establishing and maintaining good relationships, which generate value long term and provide resilience towards upsets in normal business.

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The Negotiation Management tool

The Negotiator Module is a modular technology, which adds new negotiation capabilities to your existing systems. It replaces the many spreadsheets and emails, that are often used to conduct negotiations, and which are a source of heavy friction and of data quality problems. And yet, it is as easy to use as a spreadsheet. Whether you are a single person using the Negotiation Management tool or a team, you maintain the full overview of ongoing negotiations, which allows you to stay on track towards your goals.

Whether you have basic needs for negotiation capabilities or have more advanced requirements (for instance AI-supported negotiations, integrations and combinations with other specialized algorithms such as predictive forecasts) the Negotiation Management tool will be your entry point.

Reach out to us for a talk about what may be the best solution for you.

Prices from 500 €/month
(annual subscription)

The Rational Assistant

The Rational Assistant is the name for our AI technology, which supports you with recommendations in your negotiation process. When you negotiate with several partners, the Rational Assistant keeps all your negotiations on track towards your goals. It helps you deal with complexities coming from large product portfolios, coordination across teams, asynchronous negotiations and even just time pressure.

The Rational Assistant is advanced technology in itself, but will become even more advanced over time. As both buyers and sellers add Rational Assistant technology to their capabilities it will become possible for companies to explore deeper win-win outcomes faster as the RAs explore the outcome space autonomously.

Other opportunities come from leveraging other AI technologies such as predictive analytics to achieve a fully connected chain of data through the business processes.

Reach out to us for a talk about where RA technology may take your business.

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