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This section is your library where we offer everything from simple ideas to deep dives into specific topics. Click the photos to explore the topics.

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Simple ideas

Simple ideas is a collection of one-pagers in which we explore complex concepts by looking at the simple ideas underlying the complexity. Find Simple ideas on topics like AI, digital transformation, complexity, collaboration and more.

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Insights contains deeper dives into specific topics such as Return on Investment or how negotiations get to be complex. This is also where you will find whitepapers. In short, any document longer than one page.

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Digital transformation

Digital transformation is a big undertaking, but what is it and why should you be interested in it? Acumex' technologies play a role in the digital transformation journey, so we share our perspectives on the topic (also read our blog posts). Reach out to us with any further questions you may have.

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Negotiations can be seen as a game between two parties, but negotiations done well, based on trust and transparency, create more value than zero-sum negotiations, which only leaves one winner. We explore why  and how negotiations build more value than other methods.